Stand a chance to get FREE HapiNTF card in HapiHeros products!!!

‘HapiBoi: Superheroes Collection’

This first limited edition NFT cards feature HapiBoi Feugo, HapiBoi Hydro, HapiBoi Rocky & HapiBoi Bolt. Each of them have their own superpowers in efforts to save the world! Collect all 4 and claim your special reward and benefits!

What is HapiNFT?

HapiNFT is a special NFT project by HAPIFAM. Our limited edition NFT collection will be made available randomly in our HAPIFAM products. Each of our characters represent a special story and meaning that is aimed to represent the different values of HAPIFAM. One can then keep it as a collectible towards a collection or it can be sold in the NFT marketplace.

Little heroes, big dreamers! This first and exclusive edition of HapiBoi Dreamers feature HapiBoi Feugo, HapiBoi Hydro, HapiBoi Rocky and HapiBoi Bolt, each having their own superpower inspired by the 4 elements- fire, water, earth and air. Discover each Hapiboi and their dreams paired with their unique characteristics, active, playful, energetic, charming, passionate and so on making them aspiring to become a world explorer, a strong fighter and champion!

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Launching of HapiHeros NFT First Generation

  • 1000 of each character will be
    minted and distributed by Enjin
    Beam platform.
  • HapiNFT will be available randomly
    in HapiHeros Baby Cereal.
  • HapiNFT can be made for secondary sale on Enjin Jumpnet marketplace.
  • Special privileges and perks for HapiNFTs owners to claim.

Hapi Loot Box

  • Random airdrop for HapiNFT Owners and Hapifam Customers.
  • HapiMoms Generative NFT
    pre-launch. (Unique NFT for Mommies’ identity on the HapiVerse)

Official Launch of HapiMoms

  • HapiVerse Staking and reward platform launch.

Official Launch of HapiVerse

  • Play to Earn on HapiVerse.

Launch of HapiDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

What is Enjin Wallet?

Enjin is a blockchain based gaming platform that focuses on making player-owned digital items like “NFTs” (non-fungible tokens).

How Does Enjin Work?

Enjin’s system is built off the back of the Enjin coin. This coin is a powerful divisible cryptocurrency that makes the spice from Dune look like cinnamon. Enjin Coin’s core utility is to forge blockchain assets like NFTs.