By Hitech Century | May 13, 2022

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Made up of a unique portmanteau of Happy and Family, the HAPIFAM brand has just launched the new HAPIMOMS lactation cookies range and the HAPIHEROS natural baby cereal range of products today in Malaysia.

HAPIFAM HAPIMOM HAPIHEROS from left Mr. Gwei TzeCo, Co-Founder of HapiFam and Mr Trenton Young, Co-Founder of HapiFam 2
From left Mr. Gwei TzeCo, Co-Founder of HapiFam and Mr Trenton Young, Co-Founder of HapiFam

What are HAPIMOMs lactation cookies 

The HAPIMOMS lactation cookies are made of natural ingredients and incorporate fenugreek, Brewer’s yeast, fennel seeds, organic coconut oil, blueberries and a cornucopia of nutritious ingredients to help mothers boost their milk supply to make breastfeeding a happier, less stressful experience.

HAPIMOM cookies

The new range of cookies are available in classic, chocolate chip, brownies and mixed berry flavours and priced at RM39 per box

What is the HAPIHEROS ceral range

The HAPIHEROS cereal range are formulated for children aged 6 months and up with a special formulation that consists of original rice, mixed fruits, purple sweet potatoes, beetroot and goji berries.


Combined, this delicious combination is packed with DHA for brain and eye development, promotes digestion and both probiotic and prebiotic levels for better immune levels while encouraging the growth of positive gut bacteria. The new HAPIHEROS cereals are maltodextrin free, and are certified free of heavy metals. They’re now available in Malaysia at retails for RM19.90 per box.

Source: HAPIFAM launches HAPIMOMs cookies for moms and HAPIHEROs natural baby cereal  | Hitech Century

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