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Natural food products for infants and toddlers
Natural food products for moms

Our mission is to ensure that healthy food options are made accessible to the masses

We would like to share our Asian heritage to the rest of the world too.

Highly nutritious ingredients and unique range of flavours

We wish to see whole families live well and healthy through good eating habits amongst other things.

Amy, Mom of 2

My kids love cereal and have been eating it for a long time. HAPIHEROS cereal just gives them an added dimension to their meals with the local and other special flavours. They even smile and say that they're eating grownup food!

Ana, Lactating Mom

The cookies for moms are a sweet change from other boring stuff I used to consume when lactating. My baby is happy to be fed, I'm happy that she's growing up healthy!

Steven, Dad of 3

I'm always confused when I shop for the family's food. Which cereal? Cookies? With HAPIFAM, my kids just tell me "the super tiger!", and I'll know what to get. Phew! Glad I'm keeping them happy...

Faizul, Dad of 1

I find the HAPIHEROS range of kids foods especially cereal are so convenient. My wife and I work, so sometimes we don't prepare many meals at home. So the tasty cereals are perfect and nutritious for my child. No need to think so much just make his favourite HAPI cereal. So delicious!

Dayana, Lactating Mom

My baby has a big appetite like me, I guess. So she needs a lot of milk and nutritious too. So HAPIFAM's lactating mom cookies are perfect for me to "make" more and better milk for my precious. And they are so sedap to eat!