Stand a chance to get FREE HapiNTF card in HapiHeros products!!!

What is NFT?

NFT is Non-Fungible Token. NFT is digital asset that can be verified on the blockchain. Ownership of the asset can be authenticated and also can be transferred easily.

How does HapiNFT work?

HapiNFT is a collection of digital assets that are created by Hapifam for our lucky customers to collect. Ownership of the HapiNFTs will gain access to special privileges and benefits.

Where and how do I get a HapiNFT card?

First generation of HapiNFT are randomly dropped into our Hapiheros Baby Cereal boxes. Only 4000 HapiNFTs are minted for the first generation with 4 unique characters of 1000 designs each.

Can I resell the NFTs?

HapiNFTs can be resold using Enjin wallet through Enjin market place. It can also be easily bridged over to Ethereum Blockchain to be sold on Ethereum based NFT marketplaces.

What is Enjin wallet?

The Enjin Smart Wallet is a multi-currency mobile crypto wallet for Apple and Android devices. With support for more than 700 digital currencies and a simple user interface, the wallet is designed to make it easy to manage all your crypto holdings in the one place. Following a September 2018 update, Enjin also lets you store ERC721 and ERC1155 blockchain-based game collectables.

How do I redeem a HapiNFT?

Redeeming HapiNFTs is very easy. Just scan the QR code on the card you found in our Hapiheroes boxes and follow the instructions to download the Enjin Wallet and the HapiNFT will automatically appear in your wallet.